Oatmeal Apple Crisp


Makes 6 servings.

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Melted butter mixed with

Melted butter mixed with sugar and oats? I don't think "sprinkle" is an operative word for how the crumbled mixture. Maybe "Crumble mixture over fruit." You're welcome.

Did you slice the apples or

Did you slice the apples or leave whole ?

Those apples should be sliced

Those apples should be sliced, Clark. Thank you!

Title says good with

Title says good with blueberries but see no adjustments for that.

Hi, Jo. You’ll see after the

Hi, Jo. You’ll see after the suggestion to use blueberries, that we instruct you to use 1 quart of them. Enjoy!

Apple crisp

cranberries would be good in this.

apple crisp

can I use applesauce instead of apples to make this crisp?

substituting applesauce for apples

We would not recommend substituting applesauce for apples in this recipe.

I am going to try it. It

I am going to try it. It looks good.

This looks good

This looks good

Always just called this

Always just called this "Apple Crisp"...use Granny Smiths, also 3/4 tsp of nutmeg, @ 1/2 cup chopped walmuts. Usually I'll mix the br. sugar, oats, flour,spices and nuts with 1/2 cup softened marg. or buttter. Then sprinkle over apples. don't melt the butter, it works great softened. Makes the mixture crunchy.
We like it served warm,though my in-laws put their crip in cereal bowls and add a bit of milk. We love eating it for breakfast.

I made this yesterday with

I made this yesterday with some apples I got at an amish store in eastern Iowa..it was delicious!