Peach Butter


about 6 cups (3 pints)

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I have made peach butter many

I have made peach butter many times throughout my life, and have always stored the jars in the pantry. Occasionally one will spoil, and I attribute that to my own carelessness ! ( Perhaps not wiping the rim well enough before processing . . . or what ever else my 'oops' was. ) Once you open the jar, refrigerate, like you would any other fruit butter.
I prefer peach butter to any other kind, though apricot is a close second ! It's a long slow process, but well worth the effort !
Good luck !

Thanks for posting this,

Thanks for posting this, Deeda. Our mouths are watering thinking about apricot butter. Yum.

How does peach butter get

How does peach butter get stored? Can it be shelved or must it be kept in refrigerator?i find it quite surprising that one usually doesn't see storing/shelving instructions following recipes.especially when it's fun to do,time consuming work,and a shame to see it all go to waste if stored improperly.