Summer Picnic Food Ideas & Recipes

Pack Your Picnic Basket Full of these Picnic Foods!

July 2, 2018
Portable Picnic Food
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Pack a picnic! These 10 picnic recipes will keep well and are easy to transport. From sesame chicken wings to potato salad to strawberry hand pies, bring this delicious food to your outdoor patio or a picnic in the park—or, pack in a cooler for a long drive!

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Summer Salsa Salad

This prize-winning salsa can be served over salad greens or served as a side with tortilla chips. For easy carrying to a picnic, pack in a sealable bowl or pretty glass jars!


Sesame-Ginger Wings

These wings are good cold, too–great in a picnic basket.They’re already fully flavored with sesame and ginger, so need need to worry about a dip.

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Pulled Pork Sandwiches

What else do we need to say?  Pack the buns and pork separately. Add some bagged slaw for topping (or, whatever you’d like).

Credit: Teri Virbickis/shutterstock

Potato Salad With Chicken and Green Beans

This Potato Salad With Green Beans and Chicken dish is loaded with fresh ingredients—and no mayonnaise.

Credit: Becky Luigart-Stayner

Crunchy Asian Salad With Chicken

This salad tastes even better after it’s been dressed so it’s perfect to bring to a picnic or potluck.

Credit: Becky Luigart-Stayner

Garbanzo Bean (Chickpea) Salad

This satisfying salad is very portable. It’s packed with protein, crunch, and flavor.

Credit: Margo Letourneau

Kat’s Tortellini Salad Bowl

This pasta salad is quick to prepare and great to have on hand for summer picnics and gatherings.

Credit: Becky Luigart-Stayner

Picnic Desserts

Chocolate Sheet Cake


Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Credit: Photogal/Shutterstock

Strawberry Hand Pies

These hand pies—made with jam—are delightful and so easy to make! Cook in the oven or on the outdoor grill!

Photo: Pillsbury

Plus Refreshing Drinks!

Strawberry Lemonade

Strawberry Lemonade, by Amallia Eka, Shutterstock
Photo by Amallia Eka/Shutterstock

More Picnic Recipes

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Cold Apple Bisque

Summer Couscous and Shrimp Salad (or, substitute chicken)

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Main-Dish Picnic Biscuits

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Roasted Potato Salad

Cold Macaroni Salad

New-England Style Coleslaw

Pickled Daikon 

Italian-Style Pasta Salad

Crunchy Dill Pickles

Picnic Desserts

Brown Sugar Cookies

Elderberry Pie

Blue Ribbon Chocolate Chip Cookies

Strawberry Delight Cake

Best Brownies

Date Bars

Drink Recipes

Mint Chiller 

Berry Ice Tea

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